IconPoser 1.0 for Icaros Desktop

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IconPoser is a program in Lua that allows you to merge two images in PNG format and to obtain a double state icon to be associated with tools, drawers and projects. IconPoser also allows you to quickly replace pre-existing icons while keeping the tooltypes unaltered, or to use another icon for them as a template. IconPoser relies on other programs to perform its operations: picturereq for the choice of images, processicon for the insertion of metadata, gsar for some internal processing.

This tool was originally intended as an internal tool for Icaros development. However, after I talked here about its existence, it generated some welcome interest. This motivated me to make it better and… available to everyone! Obviously, you need to use Icaros Desktop to make the most of it: it’s a LUA based script aided by a shell one which use several utilities provided with the distribution. This does not mean an AROS nightly build can’t use it: it means  you will need to provide other components as well (whose binaries might not be available, for instance, on ARM or M68K AROS).

IconPoser 1.0 Icaros DesktopInfo And Download

Source: Icarisdesktop.org and English Amiga board