Under Development: “Geometrical blast” project part 5!

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There is another update in the “Geometrical Blast” project. Geometrical Blast is a “vertical scroll shmup” where you are a space ship shooting your way to the end of the level.

A very nice edition is the idea here is to make a kind of bonus level like in the beautiful Project’x. In the bonus sequence of this Team17’s game, scrolling speeds up and the ship must avoid the scenery. The alpha 5 demo uses the same principle: there are 3 different speeds and the object is of course to touch the set as few times as possible. Read more details about the game up here…

The demo is made for a 500 with one mega of memory (so generally 512kb of chip and 512kb of fast) but should work in 50 fps on all Amiga with 1meg.

The game Demo can be downloaded here

Source: English Amiga Board