New Amiga game: Bagman Remake

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After a couple of years and with some help of the Amiga community Jotd from the Amiga Board, continued an unfinished platformer remake of Bagman (remake of the 1982 version). Music has been added by Saimon69 to make the work complete.

Jotd started the “little gift to the Amiga community” 4 years back, and now 4 years later a nice working game with music/sfx is the result. The game is available for Amiga in ADF format and in binary version so you can play it from harddrive/CF/SD. Some better hardware specs are required with the game (2mb Ram). So a stock A1200 should run it although some fast Ram and or accelerator card would be recommended for good speed.

Game description:
Bagman is a GPL remake of the excellent Valadon Automation arcade game. I’ve disassembled the original arcade game so the guard movement is more or less the same, as well as elevators. The remake offers a full 3-screen mode and a faithful 1 screen only mode. Guard animations have been slightly upgraded (falls). Otherwise, the game is 100% the same (or tries to do so).

Bagman releases are available for:
– Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (50 fps, arcade perfect speed)
– Nintendo DS (good speed)
– Amiga OS 68k with GFX board (kinda slow except on emulated machines…)
– Amiga OS 68k with only 2MB memory (50 fps, arcade perfect speed)

Get the game up here…

Source: Amiga Board