Appplication update: New version of ProTracker 2.3E just released!

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New version of ProTracker 2.3E was just released! It’s based on a disassembly and re-source of PT2.3D. The creator (Olav Sorensen) basically fixed a million PT2.3D bugs. Olav also removed the DMAWait concept (busy loop), which has been replaced with a scanline wait. This means that PT2.3E won’t have that strange audio bug on¬†fast¬†Amigas. No need to tweak that DMAWait value. Besides, it was maxed out at 9999 which was not enough for 68060 @ 50MHz or higher.

– Added a program icon that you can double-click to run the program
– Fix config load error when ran from WB icon (thanks to ross @ abime!)
– Fixed scopes behaving completely wrong (oops)

Download the app: here….

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