In Development: Final Writer 7 remake for Aros!

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Some great news in for AROS OS, because Final Writer is coming to Aros! Development is processing and the first Screenshots are available :). A text editor in this kind of caliber is hardly needed to put Amiga/Aros back on the map again. There are a lot of applications coming out lately related to office applications like: LEU (Spreadsheet) and LIL Calender and now Final Writer (Word processor). Now only a Powerpoint and “good and more advanced” mail client and we are getting a real alternative for Windows/Mac 🙂

About the ETA when the product is finished, is not clear yet. But that it is getting quite good process, is clear in the screenshot. Looking forward to more news about the project.

You can read more about the subject or comment in the Aros Exec Board up here…

Source: Aros Exec Board