In Development: SVLCVSS Side Track

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Although there is nothing official yet and this is just a tech demo. This “technic” has quite some potential. Although Cobe from the Amiga board, mentions to first: working on a “second side track little game” and do the “initial Svlcvss idea with rotating tunnels”, he reaches out to “Shaterhand” to continue the work.

Well I hope he is able to, because it has quite some potential and reminds me a bit to Wipe-out and Lotus turbo challenge 🙂 Time will tell what will become of the project.

This summer d4rk 3lf and I started to work on my older project that uses stardust tunnel technic but with a bit diffrent approach.. However, that’s not what we want to show you now.
So, at one point d4rk 3lf said ‘would it be possible to make a racing game using this engine?’ Straight away I was like No. Then after few hours of doing something else and not thinking about it, it just occured to me how it could be done so I sat and tweaked the engine. So this is just tech demo that got us side tracked for a while. We won’t try to make a game at the moment out of it, we’ll get back to our original idea and maybe after that we will get side tracked again 

Cobe – English Amiga Board

If you want to check out the game yourself, the demo game (ADF file) can be downloaded on “The Zone” of the English Amiga Board. To get access to it, read the details up here… (note: the “Group Membership” moved to “Networking”)

Source: English Amiga Board