Vampire V4 Standalone – Details and Price!

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We have news from the Apollo team about the pricing and details of the Vampire standalone! There were already rumors of the standalone getting quite expensive because all of the extra work on the standalone. But it seems that it is within limits. Pricing for the standalone will be 549€ for the special Amiga 34 bundle. The Amiga 34 bundle includes as free givesaway a Gaming Mouse, a Gaming Keyboard, a CF-Adapter, a 32GB CF card and an USB Blaster. With all that, you will be ready to start!

Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m very proud and honored to have the opportunity to unveil tonight details regarding Vampire V4 Standalone sales.

As disclosed some weeks ago, first batch will be sold at Amiga34 directly to people attending the event. Next batches will be sold indirectly only by our resellers listed in our WiKi.

The Vampire V4 Standalone comes in standard with aluminium case, corresponding PSU and shipped with AROS kickstart.

For A34, a special bundle will be made available with free “give-aways” add-ons like compatible Mouse, compatible Keyboard, CF-Adapter a 32GB CF card and an USB Blaster. Later, resellers will have the opportunity to sell their own bundles.

Terms & conditions
      * Payment will be accepted in cash or via PayPal.
      * Limitation of one unit per person
      * Offer is available until stock remains, even regarding accessories
      * No support is offered on accessories/give-aways
      * Complete warranty terms are available on our WiKi on EXTERNAL LINK

Information regarding current state of the standalone core
      * Ethernet: work is in progress, driver is being written.
      * USB: support for some input devices like USB mice and keyboards. Support
      for more is in progress. Compatibility list available on WiKi ( EXTERNAL LINK )
      * Joystick : Status support of AMIGA Joy (like Competition Pro)
      * OCS/AGA: Many games and demos work perfectly, but not 100%.
      * Boot drives: boot from IDE/CF, microSD card for data exchange. Bootable
      microSD is in roadmap.

Price of that special A34 bundle is 549€

All details are available here :

Renaud Schweingruber – Apollo Team

Source: Apollo forum