Amiga OS Distribution update: AfA One v1.3

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Alfa one received a new update.

AfA One v1.3: New update of my Distro, RTG system based on AfA-OS 4.8, requires prior complete installation of OS 3.9 BB1/2/3/4 “not included”!

New in this version:
– SysInfo v4.3
– NetSurf By Arti v3.10 (Web Browser)
– IBrowse 2.5 Demo (Works for 30 Minutes)
– MUI 5.0 (Update v20190108r6341)
– RNOPDF v1.3 (PDF Reader)
– ADFer v1.3 (Multi Copy Disk/ADF)
– LilCalendar v1.1 (versatile calendar and reminder program)
– iConecta v3.15 (connection check)
– SQLMan v0.5 (SQLite database manager)
– MUIwake v0.3 (client for Wake On LAN protocol)
– Hollywood Multimedia (updated Hollywood bookstores)
– AnimWebConverter v3.0 (Animation Converter)
– GrimoriumPDF v2.06 (PDF Reader)
– VidentiumPicta v2.0 (Image Viewer and Retouching)
– VintageSongPlayer v2.10 (MP3 Player)
– AmigaAMP v3.26 (MP3 Player and Internet Radio Streaming)
– V.A.M.P v2.20 (Multimedia Player)
– New V.A.M.P. Skin Player
– New Uae Config.

Old Installed Software:
– Updated added new Datatypes
– Added Fonts Truetype
– Timidity v0.2i (MIDI / WAVE Converter Player)
– VidRec (Mount WebCamera on Workbench, connect on WinUAE Genlock + VideoFile
– TAR archives (automatic unwinding in Dopus4, Double-Click)
– TAR.GZ archives (automatic unpacking in Dopus4, Double-Click, M-Click)
– Archives 7z (automatic unpacking in Dopus4, Double-Click)
– CLiTyper (sliding text reader)
– StackCheck v1.0 (check for the right application stack)
– EXE Datatypes (Examine executable to discover requirements with Dopus4, Multiview Tool)

– Real AMIGA FPU/CPU 060 (untested) RTG Video Card
– WinUAE FPU/CPU 020/030/040 + JIT 256RAM UAE Zorro III 256 MB RAM
– Minimum 2 GB HD/HardFile Space
– Initialize HD/HardFile formatting with SFS/PFS Filesystem
– Full Installation OS3.9 + BB1/BB2 (Update ROM) /BB3/BB4
– On OS 3.9 Installed, delete “all” the contents of the WBStartup folder
– On OS 3.9 Installed, delete SYS:Utilities/Amplifer

Test VideoAfA One Installation
AfA One v1.3Download

Source: English Amiga Board (Amigasystem)