Software update: ADFer v1.3

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ADF’er gets an update to V1.3. The newest version fixes a small issue found in version V1.2. ADFer is a tool for reading and writing ADF disk images to and from floppy disks. Based on the source code of the excellent ADF-Blitzer, originally written by Magnus Lundin in 1998 and then updated in 2000-2001 by Andreas Etzrodt, Rob Cranely since then decided to update the app with some fixes. Rob has some more cool projects on his site. To check them out go here…

Download ADFer v1.3: here…

New features and fixes since ADF-Blitzer 3 include::
– Rewritten memory routines to eliminate problems with RAM disk use
– Ability to read and write RAD: disks
– Option to verify disks after writing
– Better font sensitivity – uses Workbench screen font
– Automatically selects low memory mode when required
– Removed 68020-specific code so now works on 68000

New features and fixes since ADF-Blitzer 2.2 include:
– Progress bar and cancel button
– Multi-disk writing
– Reworked GUI to fix some minor issues
– Low memory mode (no need to load entire ADF into memory), so works in 0.5MB
– Proper error checking for opening drives, allocating memory etc. so
(hopefully) no more silly crashes
– Fast RAM is no longer required
– Rewritten to use OS calls directly

Source: Amiga news IT